Dee Ragdoll Kittens

TCA, Inc. is the only place to find the most exciting Traditional and Classic Cats available in the world. Our breeders produce the most beautiful cats of our time, with the most famous and beautiful stars as their Sires and Dams. Exotic and exclusive TCA, Inc. cats and kittens are exemplary examples others can only aspire to.  For those who will not settle for anything less than the best, contact a TCA, Inc. breeder of your choice to purchase your gorgeous fur family member. Nothing surpasses a TCA, Inc. cat or kitten.

The TCA, Inc. Registry is the World’s Largest Registry for Traditional and Classic Cats and was established to be the premier registry above all others. Your cat’s records are secure here.  You receive a REAL Registration Certificate with far more information contained in it than many other registries offer.  It is not a thin, small slip of paper with just a minimum amount of data. Our service is exemplary with the utmost respect for you, your cats, and your kittens. Excelling over all others the TCA, Inc. Registry is the most satisfying and easy to use. Our online Cat Registry is accessible from the first page of our website.  Registrations are completed in turnaround time.

    • TCA, Inc. is a positive, friendly, helpful, and non-political worldwide all-breed association.
    • TCA, Inc. supports health, longevity, and a people-loving personality in our cat breeds.
    • TCA, Inc. does not support breeds with lethal genes, or deformities.
    • TCA, Inc. has written our own Breed Standards that never change! This preserves these breeds for future generations to enjoy.
    • TCA, Inc. is the only association that offers proven PUREBRED cats to our customers.
    • The TCA, Inc. motto isTo Preserve, Protect, Perpetuate, and Promote Traditional Cats.© This goal protects the Traditional© and Classic© Breeds from extinction caused by all other cat associations.
    • TCA, Inc. has taken this stand to benefit all cats and those who love them.
    • TCA, Inc. has our own registry to help keep the purebred cat pure.
    • TCA, Inc. began this effort back in 1987, and continues with your support! We are the original group that started and continues this effort.

We welcome your interest and support!